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              Soft & Hard Striped Mat

              Application scenarios


              1. Concavo-convex parallel structure, the appropriate spacing can effectively scrape the sole dust and can hide the bottom of the groove, that is practical and beautiful. The mats will be laid in the lobby to scrape the pedestrian soles of the soil and absorb the soles of the water, keep the ground indirectly clean, water and sand out of the best overall performance, cleaning is also very convenient.

              2. The characteristics of the mat surface lies in the surface of the three blankets rough rugs silk, UV and acid corrosion, good color fastness and resilience. Especially suitable for higher flow lobby.

              3. Water absorption speed, the unit area of water is 2-3 times the ordinary cotton pad. Because of rugged carpet area increases the volatile area, in the rain and snow weather can quickly absorb the soles of the water, and quickly dried.

              4. The bottom of the rubber at the end, affixed to a good, you can also use special glue directly on the ground, so that the mats more solid.

              Applicable Area

              Suitable for all kinds of business environment and high traffic area, such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, airports, apartments and other types of entrances and exits.

              Detail Picture


              Optional Color
              • 红色 灰色

              Cleaning & Maintenance

              Recommended daily vacuum cleaner, regular cleaning.

              Technical Specifications



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