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              Mone Entrance Mat

              Application scenarios

              棕色摩雅? -尊贵刮砂除尘吸水地垫

              红色摩雅? -尊贵刮砂除尘吸水地垫

              黑色摩雅? -尊贵刮砂除尘吸水地垫



              1. The series of blanket surface is 100% antistatic nylon 66 fiber, not only wear resistance, and high resilience;

              2. Blanket veil by the heat-setting treatment, high hardness, with excellent scraping performance, good performance of water-squeezing sand;

              3. Blanket surface with tufted fluffy open "brush" structure, easy to contain dust particles, but also easy to clean up and maintain;

              4. Carpet color printing using high quality printing technology, beautiful appearance, high color fastness, lasting fade;

              5. Products with high-quality PVC back, not only soft, but also wear-resistant, UV resistant.

              Applicable Area

              Suitable for all kinds of business environment and high traffic area, such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, airports, apartments and other types of entrances and exits.

              Detail Picture

              派勒摩雅? -尊贵刮砂除尘吸水地垫

              Optional Color


              Cleaning & Maintenance

              Daily cleaning: clean daily with an upright roller vacuum cleaner;

              Depth of cleaning: a monthly carpet pumping machine with low foam carpet cleaner cleaning. You can also use high-pressure water gun with low foam carpet cleaner cleaning, and finally with water after repeatedly cleared with a suction machine to dry the water, it is best to use a dry blower to blow it dry (depending on the flow of people to increase or decrease the frequency)

              Technical Specifications


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