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              Akon Entrance Mat

              Application scenarios









              The series of products can be laid outdoors under long-term use of the sun, with anti-UV function, the dyeing process unique to be able to do durable fade. Products have the ability to scrape dust, grit and shoe soles to keep your channels cleaner, safer and more aesthetically pleasing.

              Product blanket surface printing and dyeing using 100% polypropylene fiber, durable non-fading, high temperature anti-cold;

              The surface with a rough texture design, with non-slip back design, not only enhances the functionality, scratch sand dust, but also feel thick, strong and durable.

              Applicable Area

              For all types of building entrances, such as hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, factories, schools and so on.

              Detail Picture


              Optional Color


              Cleaning & Maintenance

              Daily cleaning: clean daily with an upright roller vacuum cleaner;

              Depth of cleaning: a monthly carpet pumping machine with low foam carpet cleaner cleaning. You can also use high-pressure water gun with low foam carpet cleaner cleaning, and finally with water after repeatedly cleared with a suction machine to dry the water, it is best to use a dry blower to blow it dry (depending on the flow of people to increase or decrease the frequency)

              Technical Specifications


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