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              EMCO Aluminum Bar

              Application scenarios




              1. Aluminum profiles: the use of aluminum-magnesium alloy material, with lighter, more load-bearing features.

              2. Carpet material: optional brush, blanket, rubber strip, aluminum alloy scraper and other components, all the components can be any combination.

              3. Bottom adhesive: the overall foam adhesive, with noise, seismic features.

              4.Connection: Aluminum alloy profile through the plastic wire rope connected, not rust off.

              5. Customizable LOGO, highlighting the corporate image.

              6. Arc-shaped mats can be made, this technology is unique to the high technology (reference).

              Applicable Area

              The products are widely used in hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, railway stations, residential, banks, public buildings and other places.

              Detail Picture


              Optional Color


              Cleaning & Maintenance

              Mild Pollution: Aluminum floor mats should be cleaned using vacuum cleaners that require a high vacuum as needed.

              Moderate pollution: roll up the aluminum alloy mats directly, and clean the dust under the floor mats or the floor with a broom.

              Heavy Contamination: After vacuuming and cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner, use a high-pressure water gun for jet cleaning.

              Technical Specifications



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