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              rivacy Statement
              PAALER commits to comply with the PAALER Global Information Privacy Policy, this privacy statement and applicable law to protect your personal information collected at this website.   We encourage you to carefully read this privacy statement

              The Information We Collect

              PAALER may collect the following types of information from you at this website:

              Transaction Information

              If you enter into a transaction (i.e.  a purchase) at this website, you will be required to provide information that is needed to complete the transaction, including your name, shipping address, product selection, and your payment information.  We do not keep any credit card or other payment information longer than is necessary in order to comply with legal, tax, and auditing requirements. 

              Non - Personal Information collected from Cookies and Action Tags

              PAALER collects non-personal and aggregate information when you visit our website.  We use this type of information to identify the web pages you visit at our website.  We can then develop statistics that help us understand how our visitors use our website in order to improve your experience with PAALER online.

              PAALER uses both cookies and action tags to collect non-personal and aggregate information.  Browser cookies are bits of text placed on your computer’s hard drive when you visit certain web sites.   The cookies enable us to know aspects of your visit to our site such as whether you are a new or recurring visitor on the website your previous choices or preferences and when you returned to our website.  Some websites will allow you to visit without accepting cookies, but some features of our websites may not work properly if you choose to reject cookies. Your web browser settings dictate the amount of information transmitted.
              PAALER uses third party contractors to help us manage our online advertising, serve our advertisements on agreed upon ‘publisher’ websites and measure user behavior.  These contractors use both cookies and action tags to collect information from you, as permitted by applicable law.   In addition, action tags (also known as web beacons, clear GIFs, & web tags) are placed upon designated pages of our website and publisher websites and are invisible to the user.   The action tag allows our contractors to collect information such as IP address, the date/time the designated page was viewed, zip code, the URL of the website you are visiting when our ad is served to you and whether you view or click on the advertisement.  Some of this information is shared with PAALER and PAALER may share information on user behavior with our contractors.  None of the information collected or shared is personally identifiable.

              How Information is Used and Shared

              PAALER may use any of the information gathered at this website in order to provide you with answers to your questions, to analyze your visit on this website, for direct marketing and e mail marketing purposes, to fulfill requests for goods and services, and to improve the ways we provide you with information about our company.  Your information may also be combined with information you have provided to PAALER through other sources such as product registrations, inquiries, or marketing events to give us a better understanding of your existing and future needs for our goods and services.

              In the course of any of these activities, we may transmit the information we have collected to another country or share it with PAALER affiliates or third parties including contractors, dealers, distributors and retailers.  An example of a third party that could receive your personal information is a data processing contractor that operates computer systems on our behalf, such as Computer Sciences Corporation.  Whenever personal information is transferred to an affiliate or third party, that party will be contractually bound to abide by our privacy statement and policy.

              In addition, we may have collected similar information from you in the past, before our Global Information Privacy Policy and this privacy statement took effect.  By using this website you agree to the terms of this privacy statement and consent to our continued use of previously collected information under these terms.

              PAALER may disclose and transfer your personal information during a merger or during the divestiture of   company assets.   However, we will require the acquiring organization to agree to protect the privacy of your personal information consistent with this privacy statement and policy.

              Consistent with our Global Information Privacy Policy, PAALER uses commercially reasonable methods consistent with industry practice to protect personal information, including Social Security numbers (“SSNs”).  Among other information security controls, PAALER has established controls, consistent with applicable law, designed to: (1) limit access to SSNs; (2) protect the confidentiality of SSNs; and (3) prohibit unlawful disclosure of data containing SSNs.  

              Direct Marketing

              PAALER will obtain your opt in or opt out consent as required by applicable law or PAALER policy for direct marketing and e-mail marketing.

              Links to Other Sites

              For your convenience, this page may contain certain hyperlinks to other PAALER websites as well as to third party non-PAALER sites.    While PAALER websites are subject to this privacy statement, we can make no promises or guarantees regarding data collection on the hyperlinked pages and sites that are not owned by PAALER. We therefore recommend that you read the privacy statement for each third party site you visit.

              Information Security

              PAALER uses commercially reasonable methods consistent with industry practice to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, to maintain data accuracy, and to ensure appropriate use of your personal information.

              Access to Information

              You may request access to the information PAALER has gathered about you at this website by contacting our Corporate Information Center.

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