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              Chengdu Longhu Times Street

              Longhu Times Street is a one-stop shopping center in Chengdu Hi-tech West, Chengdu's most investment value of commercial projects. The project covers an area of 458 acres, the total volume reached 1.8 million square meters, is beyond imagination super commercial complex. Times Street is located in the main city of Chengdu, the only one set of central residential areas, the Central Education District, the National Bonded Zone in one of the city's core area - high-tech West. The project occupies the extremely scarce large-scale commercial area in the high-tech west area, covering all kinds of consumer demand at all levels in west Chengdu to Juxian County. It occupies the residential area in the major settlements of Chengdu west and Pixian, the largest university town in Chengdu and The only integrated bonded area in Chengdu is a total of nearly 2 million consumer population resources. Longhu Times Street is about to become a monopoly of the Great Wall West, radiating the entire Chengdu, affecting the super-regional commercial center in southwestern China.

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